[Guide to the Precincts 4] An 80-Year Journey



This is the Suisho-den, Water Hall, which is the counterpart to the Fire Hall.

In the center of the hall there is a well surrounded by a rope and zigzag paper strips known as shide.

This water is drawn from a spring in the Yatsugatake Mountains.

The Water Takes 80 Years to Reemerge Out of the Ground

It is said that the spring water from the Yatsugatake Mountains takes 80 years to come out of the ground. Therefore, the water you have just used to cleanse your hands was born from rain or snow that fell on the peaks of the Yatsugatake Mountains at least 80 years ago, when most of us weren’t even born. This water, that has taken an entire human lifetime to penetrate deep into the ground, has been purified and cleansed by nature before it finally gushed forth here. We are blessed to use this water.

Water circulates between the heavens and earth in a continuous cycle. When we turn on the tap at home, the water just comes out, so we don't think about the flow of time.

Because of the water’s excellent quality, this area is known for its quality sake. This gift from nature is also the reason why we are able to stay healthy.

Invisible, Mysterious, and Magical

Fire has a fire god. Water has a water god.
Every tree, every blade of grass, has its own god.
In other words, there is a mysterious power that exists in everything.

Japanese people have given names to these mysterious powers, calling them "Kami-sama" (Gods), and, putting our hands together in prayer, we respect, fear, and revere them.

Thank You

When you visit, please say, “Thank you, God of Fire. Thank you, God of Water, for every day. Please continue to support me.”

Under the protection of the Great Goddess, Amaterasu, I pray that you will continue to be healthy and work hard in your respective places for the sake of the world and its people.

Thank you very much.

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